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new watercolor portraits collection

A look inside my upcoming collection

It’s the first year I share with you portraits collections. I will reveal them throughout 2024. 

The A(BS)TTRACTIVE collection, will be revealed in may. I fell in love with a beautiful cotton paper with lots of texture and amazing fringed edges. It immediately inspired me to paint abstract faces with marks, stains and runs.

The focus is placed on the eyes and the face thus reveals an attractive strong woman.

During the creation of these portraits, I had to learn to let go of details and realism. I also had to trust my inspiration and my ability in a way I haven’t had to do in the past. I hope it shows in this collection. This body of work carries layers of happiness, hope, and dreams. I hope that intention to feel the « big magic »  fills each home they will brought into.

cotton paper for watercolor collection

I also decided to work with a reduced color palette to give a beautiful homogeneity to all the collection’s artworks.

(For my creative friends, here is the reference of the watercolors from Sennelier : Warm Sepia 440, Gold Ochre 257 and Carmine 635)

modern watercolor

The portraits of the A(BS)TTRACTIVE collection will be available on may, so mark your calendars!  But better yet, I would love to send you a direct link & spécial behind-the-scenes of these pieces.  Join THE LIST newsletter.


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On May : only originals available therefore unique pieces



It is a gift to spend time in my studio, creating portraits that make me happy. I can escape life and the world and create a small moment of calm right in the studio. 

And now, it is an honor to get to share the first part with you.

Hey! And I have got another BIG BIG secret for you… Do you want to be a model ? Do you want your custom portrait in this collection ?  Ready to be my muse ? Yes? Subscribe to the waiting list right here and send me a photo!

watercolor portrait original artwork

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original watercolor portraits available in may
collection d'originaux à l'aquarelle en vente

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